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  • Schiphol


    Air travel emissions only amount to 2% of all the carbon we emit, but it would be cut in half if a few selfish billionaires could put up with flying in first class instead of in private jets. No one needs a private jet. No one needs to go to a climate crisis conference in a private jet.

  • HS2 Hates Community Culture

    HS2 Hates Community Culture

    I was arrested in the Euston Square Gardens protest, for defending a park my band rehearsed in. As an anthropology student, I’m worried about HS2 threatening communities and culture as well as nature.

  • May Morning in Oxford

    May Morning in Oxford

    Over a hundred years ago, Alden’s Oxford Guide described “a curious ceremony annually observed at Magdalen College”. On the 1st of May, the choir ascends Magdalen Tower to sing the Hymnus Eucharisticus as the sun rises. Beneath the tower, people gather to to celebrate the arrival of spring.